Friday, June 1, 2012

Reality Recap | LAHH Returns ATL Style

Lil Scrappy and Rapper Rasheeda perform - mixtape ish
Yep, it's coming back and we are going to be tuned in to see the Non-Krissy version of ATL's Love & Hip Hop.  June 18th is the premier of  the new version with Lil Scrappy and his mama (ala Jim Jones mama).

The cast was out at Pearl Bistro to celebrate Scrappy's release of his mixtape (HUH?) with a duo performance with rapper and fellow castmate Rasheeda.  Looks like this cast is on the C Hip Hop List and not even the B list. 

Here's the real question....which mama is gonna provide the most foolrangery Jimmy's or Scrappy's?  The Divas will be tuned in and will give you our Reality Recap on the show right after the premier. 

Uh, Mama Scrappy put on some support under that there dress. HEADLIGHTS!

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