Thursday, June 14, 2012

StyleDIVA | 5 Shoes I'm Lovin - The Heels Edition

Jessica Simpson Women's Blairee2 Sandal

If you love shoes like I do you probably like that scene in The Wedding Planner where JLo walks into her closet and every pair has a cute box and a picture of the shoe on the outside of it....YES!  I replay that scene all the time...giggle.  Well while I'm working on my ShoeATourium I spotted these loves and had to share them with you all.

#1 (above) - I love Jessica Simpson shoes, say what you want about her but her line is my AbFab.  These little cuties are so versitale and hit my wallet for the right price of $89 on

#2 - Kimora (former BabyPhat designer) has responded to some of my random Tweets so she's officially on my Celeb Love List and she's just getting more love for these kicks found on Macys.  Price $49

#3 - What girl doesn't love DSW?  I think I introduced my Mini Me to it when she was like 5 and she still remembers her first experience there.  Well cue the music because I just found these on their site.  Lil pricy (but not for Gucci) yes but worth every dime I'll save recycling.  Price $269

#4 - I like bows, I have a wedding to go to this summer.  I'll be wearing purple to the wedding because of this shoe.  That Is All.  Oh you can find these on Zappos for $99.

#5 - They call it the "Francoise" but I call these my "Honey Let's Go On A Date" shoe.  Dam he's gonna love these right before he see's the charge on his credit card.  Snatch these from at the head scratching price of $395.  I know I know but they are special.


Sorry for some of the SMALL pics but sites are really getting picky about what you snatch offa them. :)  I've put links up for all so check them out!


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