Thursday, June 28, 2012

5 Questions with Brandalyn Fulton

Makeup has been key since the Divas have progressed into their 40s so it's natural to have a professional makeup artist on our show.  The greatest part is she knows and we mean really knows makeup.  Brandalyn Fulton is a Broadway make up artist and has worked on magnificent shows like The Lion King - hmmm impressive!  You'll get to find out more about that on the show Saturday but for now get to know Brandalyn with these 5 Questions.

1.     What book are you currently reading on your Kindle?
The Power of a Praying Wife

2.       Clowns, scary or cool?
Good clowns – cool! Bad clowns – scary!

3.       If you were a character in a movie who would you be?
Remember the movie 127 Hours! It is based on a true story! While I would never want to be stuck in a National Park for several days with no food or water, I am constantly reminded of this character when going through life! I want to persevere through all things just like Aron Ralston.

4.       Where is the best Happy Hour in NYC?
I am usually working during “Happy Hour,” but when I am not, I love to go to a new spot around the corner from my apartment in East Harlem called Harley’s BBQ. The drinks are great and I love how it feels like the modern day Cheers!

5.       What was the best part of moving from MI to NYC?
I’m still struggling with this because I get homesick at times, but the best part is pursuing my dreams for a career in TV, Fashion, Theater and hopefully soon, Film. Some of things I have accomplished, I would not be able to do if I lived in Michigan so that is the best part for me.

Visit Brandalyn on her website and see how this expert artist is not only taking her career to the next level but share in her passion for all things beauty.  B stands for Beauty is HAUTE!

See you on the show Saturday 8AM EST

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