Thursday, June 7, 2012

5 Questions | Queen of the Random Job

She's the queen of getting the job done and believe The Divas she has done plenty of jobs to know.  Get to know our guest for this Saturdays show Bethany Mooradian better known as Queen of the Random Job.

Who would you invite to a dinner partyRobert Kiyosaki, Dave Ramsey, Suze Orman, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Atom Egoyan, all of the sharks on "Shark Tank", and John Cusack (because I have a fairly unhealthy crush on him, and he, Atom, and I need to talk about a movie we'll be producing regarding my father's life in Soviet Armenia.)

Blue jeans or sweats: Yoga pants!

If someone had morning breath at 2PM would you let them know? Depends on how much time I have to spend with them and how well I know them. If it's a friend, I have no qualms saying, "Whoo-wee! You're breath STANK!" If, however, it's a professional acquaintance, I'd probably take a breath mint and offer them one as well. 

The Divas love her manners LOL

Who wins the social media battle Twitter or Facebook? Currently, the evil overlord Facebook. But I have high hopes that Diaspora will overtake the thrown.

Favorite color nail polish: Obnoxious, fire-engine red; or black.  But only on my toes...I work too much with my hands and polish always ends up chipped!

Tune in this Saturday and listen to Bethany talk about successful WAH opportunities, how not to be scammed and how you can supplement your income and get your HUSTLE on.  6/9 8AM EST

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