Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cool Jobs | StyleDIVA edition

On the show this morning we chatted with Brett deMarris of @WedItVideo and he gave us some inside information on what he'd do if he wasn't the AWESOME creator of WedIt.  The Divas told him that he could be an advice columnist based on the good advice he gave a wife married for 25 years about how to deal with her marital issues (you'll have to listen to the show to find out the rest) SHAMELESS PLUG: You can click here and listen Weddings Gone Wild.  Anyways all this talk got me to thinking on what other jobs cool jobs I'd like to do and here is my list:

1.  I would love to be the OPI Nail Polish Namer, or whatever they are called.  I mean coming up with cool names like Do You Think I'm Tex-Y or Blue My Mind would totally rock! 

And when he walks in NoONE else will matter!
2.  Casting Director, yeah I'd love this one.  Having folks auditioning for parts would be hilarious!  Just having that kinda power to make or break someone - Sorry I'm a Scorpio and sometimes that side comes out in me.  Don't Judge Me!

3.   Philanthropist - no need to explain this one.  Finding great places/people that need funds and I could give it to them, yeah that fits my personal life philosophy for sure.  Ahh to get that Big Game money!

So hey what's on your cool job list?  Do you have one?  Share some ideas with us below, like in the COMMENTS section.  Yep just look down there and start NOT later.  LOL!  Looking forward to seeing your entries.

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