Friday, April 13, 2012

5 Questions with Adrian Bustamante

This Saturday the Divas will be sitting down and having virtual cocktails with actor Adrian Bustamante as he fill us in on some of his upcoming projects like his guest appearance on ABC's "Don't Trust The B---- in APT 23" which premiered this Wednesday.  We had a chance to sit down with Adrian the other night and asked him a few burning questions that were on our minds.  Take a peek...

1. Boxers or briefs?

I am definitely a briefs guy, but not the tighty whitey briefs I wear the boxer briefs.  My friends and  I used to call them bundies.

2. What is your favorite cologne and why?

You know I have a lot of cologne but my go to right now is Antidote by Viktor & Rolf.  It's just a nice clean smell, gotta stay smelling so fresh and so clean.

3. Your you wear then skinny, straight or bootleg?

As mush as it pains me to say it, I got on the skinny jean band wagon.  I like staying in fashion and skinny is definitely in.
4. When coloring are you an inside or outside the line kind of guy?

I am an inside the lines guy, I even goes as far and making a dark trace along the line to accentuate how well I stay in the lines.
5. You're having a dinner party and can invite 5 people, who would be on your guest list?

5 people......I am going to go the the following:
1. Walt Disney - I am a huge Disney nerd, so to have an evening with him would be amazing.

2. John Candy - Gotta have a comedian at my dinner party and why not one of the funniest ever!

3. Jackie Robinson - I am also a huge baseball fan and he is the only player I have ever read a biography on and his story is just amazing.  Why not pick the brain of a man like that for a while.

4. Justin Martin - This one is actually my deceased brother, I figure one last night of laughs, good stories and food would make for a great night.
5. Amelia Earhart - Just because I wanna know what the hell happened!  Ha!  And if you know her story she is a true fighter and icon.
Sounds like that would be an amazing dinner party and of course the Divas would just happen to be in the neighborhood  and would have to stop by and make everyone an amazing cocktail or two!  *wink* *wink*

You can find out more about Adrian this Saturday where the Divas will have a drink waiting for you and lots more dish on Adrian and the projects he's working on.  (and did we mention that he is a cutie too?!?!?)

Tune in LIVE Saturday, April 14th @ 8:00 AM EST for some delicious cocktails and lots of good conversation on Cocktails and Conversation!

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