Monday, April 23, 2012

5 Questions | Donneil Jackson

Author Donneil Jackson is breaking her book Chante's Song down with our resident GUEST BOOK REVIEWER Cassandra Ester on this week's show.  Sandi read this book in less then a week ya'll.  But for now get to know Donneil a little better with these 5 questions.....

1.  Who is your favorite author?  Why?
I have a few favorite authors. My number one is slowly trickling down my list of favorites. I love Lolita Files and Sheneska Jackson (where is she now-I really wonder this). Both of them had a certain style of writing that told me my style was acceptable.  I can’t really describe it. Lolita had me hooked with her novel, Getting to the Good Part, and I fell in love with Madison from Sheneska’s novel, Lil Mama’s Rules.

2.  Best way to spend a Saturday.

Doing absolutely nothing. (Except being on Cocktails and Conversation that is...)

3.  If you could be any character in your book who would it be and why?

 I would be Chante. Why not be the starring lady? The lady who as she put it is the HBIC. I’m no ‘nasty girl’ however I love to take a walk on the dark side for just once in a fictional land.

4.  Chocolate or Potato Chips?

 Potato Chips (Ruffles Sour Cream and Cheddar to be exact). I am not a fan of chocolate. I know that might be hard to believe, a woman who doesn’t crave chocolate. Laughing out loud.

5.  Do you think books should be made into movies?

I think the books that I read shouldn’t be made into the movies. And that’s not \a bad thing. When you read a book, you escape into it. You envision everything as you see fit. Your imagery is destroyed when they put in on the silver screen. Also, all the movies don’t always do the book justice. Movies do not always live up to the expectations that the book has set.

Sounds like we have one juicy book to review along with all the other gossip and reality lowdown for the week.  So get your glass, turn up the volume and get ready to dive into Chante's Song by Donneil Jackson reviewed by Cassandra Ester.  To learn more about Donneil, her book and upcoming projects please visit her website


  1. This was one of the best blog conversations I have ever had. The questions were fun and I enjoyed answering them. Thank you Ericka and Robin for having me.


    Escape into pure bliss. You will enjoy!


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