Monday, April 16, 2012

5 Things WedIt Video Creator Brett deMarris can't live without

Brett was one of the first guys to join us on Cocktails and Conversation and we knew from his 1st appearance that we had to have him back on.  This Saturday we get our chance but before he comes on to chat about Weddings Gone Wild get to know what he can't live without.

I wonder if this one is big enough for Brett
1. Television - I am a huge tv junky, it is my favorite way to unwind. Everything from real housewives to sports

Wonder if this is an unwind kinda book
2. Books - My second favorite way to unwind and escape from the real world

3. Meat - I am a huge meat fan. All kinds: burgers, steaks, sausages etc. Please don't take that away from me 
Don't mess with a man's food!
Who doesn't love Family?

                      4. Family - This one is obvious I love them and they love me 

5. Michigan Football - I worked for the team and went to school there and am a die hard fan.

Hmm...Erika's a Sparty so this will be interesting!

Well that was fun!  Thanks for sharing a little bit about yourself with us Brett, even though you are camera shy. :)  Listen to the show this week "Weddings Gone Wild" and you are for sure going to have a great cocktail to serve and lots of laughs.  Click the link to listen Saturday, 4/21 8AM EST: Cocktails and Conversations.

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