Thursday, April 5, 2012

5 Questions with Kristyn Burtt

You have probably heard our new divalicious addition to the CnC team, Kristyn Burtt during her special Oscar appearance on the show.  Well you've heard her chat about the latest and the greatest in LA (ie The Clooney interview) so let's get to know her a little bit more with these 5 questions.....

1.  What is your zodiac sign? Sagittarius (The Divas did some research and likes that Sagittarius' are: FUN, SOCIABLE, like LUXURY ITEMS and PARTIES, yep sounds like a good combination!)
2.  Cali or Miami and why?  Well, I already live in Cali and I love it, so I will vacation in Miami for a little East Coast international flair.

3.  What is your favorite cocktail?  A drink from one of my favorite Hollywood hangouts.  It's called Accomplice: Organic Vodka, strawberry syrup, champagne and lemon juice   

4.  What was your worst interview ever? And the best? recent worst interview involves an Oscar winner and it rhymes with Meese Mitherspoon.  I am going to give her a pass for now since she was in her first trimester. I'm hoping my girl was having a bad day. 

My recent favorite was Meryl Streep at the Academy Awards because she's Meryl "17 Oscar nominations, 3 Oscar wins" Streep! 

5.  What is your favorite Saturday outfit, designer duds or low-key stitches?   Since I spend my Sunday-Thursday nights in designer duds covering Hollywood's red carpets and events, my Saturday night often involves sweats, slippers, and my Flashdance sweatshirt. 

Join us this Saturday, 8AM and listen in to all the Hollywood Hoopla with Kristyn, she is guaranteed to bring the dish for us to serve with our cocktail.  Oh and if you want you can visit Kristyn's website to get even more goodies on her at: Red Carpet TV


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