Thursday, May 30, 2013

What do you say? | Does race still matter in 2013?

So the other day while surfing the Internet, I came across this cute Cheerios commercial on YouTube that made me smile.  That is until I started reading some of the comments left by other viewers.  Now first I must applaud General Mills the makers of the cereal for creating a commercial that shows an interracial family because we don't see that all too often on TV, in commercial form or otherwise.  But what I don't get is how images of an interracial couple can still cause such a stir in 2013.  Have we as a society not made any strides when it comes to race and race relations?

So take a a look at the commercial for yourself and tell me what if anything did General Mills do wrong by making this commercial?  I think it's cute and I like it but am I in the minority?

 Let's continue this conversation in the comments section below.  Does race still matter in 2013?  What do you think?

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  1. Comments have been taken down. They must have really been bad. The other commercials had lots ofnegative comments too. Very sad...when will Dr.Kings dream be a reality?

  2. Race still matters and it's unfortunate. When I saw this commercial, I didn't even notice the interracial couple until the second time that I saw it. Why this bothers people in 2013 baffles me.


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