Saturday, May 25, 2013

Curvy Trend of The Week - The Fatkini

It's the Fatkini heard round the world and this curvy girl is loving it!  Truth be told I've always worn a bikini, plus size or not.  I just love the way they look on my curves and so you can image the happiness when I saw the HUGE Yahoo! blog from Gabi Fresh Gregg on her new swimsuit line for Swimsuits For All

Gabi is showing us that size 2 is just not for bikini's anymore or is that bikini's aren't just for size 2 any more.  Hmmm....  The Galaxy bikini (that's sold out mind you) is one hot number, just take a peek below.  Priced at $68 (YES) this suit just flew off the shelves as soon as Gabi posed for this photo op leaving many disappointed.  I wish I knew one of the lucky girls that got one.  Gregg said, "There's definitely a momentum building for body acceptance and lots of online support for women of all body types these days."  Her plan is to inspire women to take the plunge into the world of the "fatkini". 

Shouts out to this plus size blogger for flashing her curves in fashion's hottest new trend.  I'm Raising My Glass to You!

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Be sure to check back Monday for Make Mine A Double Monday for our latest installment of swimsuit suggestions.

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