Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Dirty Martini Week in Review

Celeb 411

She is rich…as in very rich biotch!  Looks like NeNe wasn’t lying when she told then fellow cast-mate Sheree Whitfield during Season 4 of RHOA that she was cashing Trump size checks. As in Donald Trump!  


It has been reported that BRAVO has ordered Season 6 of the popular RHOA earlier this month and the network was smart enough to offer NeNe (Ms. Leakes if you’re nasty) a supersized paycheck in the amount of $1 million dollars, for at least another year.   A source told Radar Online, “NeNe is the one viewers watch.  She knows that, BRAVO knows that and that is why they gave her a raise.”  Now we all know that NeNe doesn’t need to come back on RHOA thanks to her regular spots on Glee and The New Normal (Ryan Murphy can you hook a Diva up to???) she’s well aware that Housewives is her “bread and butter”.  So for all you NeNe haters and naysayers cash that!  Bloop!

 Reality Recap
Part one of the Real Housewives reunion aired this past Sunday and all I have is two words for you Kenya
Moore.  During the first part of the three part reunion series we see Kenya More (Miss America ooops U.S.A) throw some major shade towards Phaedra Parks and what started out as a battle over who had the best bootie has now grown into a full-fledged war.

Kenya’s latest claim – that Phaedra was totally irrelevant prior to the former Miss USA joining the Housewives cast this season. In other words what Kenya was saying is that the only reason people know who Phaedra is now is because of the ongoing feud between her and the former Miss USA.

  Hummmmm, okay Kenya, whatever!  

Even host Andy Cohn raised an eyebrow at Keny’s comment, pointing out that people have been talking about Ms. Donkey Booty for a while now. 

So tell us do you agree Andy that Phaedra made herself known long before Ms. Gone with the Wind Fabulous joined the cast.  Or as our beloved Evelyn Lozada from Basketball Wives would say was she a “non-mother f#$!^n factor” until Kenya came along?

Don’t forget to tune in for the RHOA Reunion part 2 Sunday, April 14th at 8/7c on BRAVO.  Check your local listing for times and channel information.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect to see next…

Cocktail Erika’s Cocktail of the Week
White Sangria
½ cup peach schnapps
½ cup cognac
¼ cup sugar
2 green apples cut into cubes
4 oranges, sliced into rounds
2 mangos, peeled and sliced
4 bottles of dry white wine chilled
1 liter of ginger ale, chilled

Mixing Instructions
In a large pitcher, add all of the fruit, peach schnapps, cognac and sugar and mix well.  Chill in the refrigerator for at least an hour.  When you are ready to serve add the wine and ginger ale to the mixture.  Serve the sangria in a wine glass over ice garnished with an orange slice or any other fresh piece of citrus. 


Miss the Show?????

Today we had the pleasure of chatting with author Sherry Burton Ways about her new book Feel Good Spaces and how you can create a space that feeds your body, mind and spirit.  Sherry explained what a “feel good space” was, how to design a space that touches the five senses and the importance of selecting the right color(s) in your space.  Did you miss the show?  If you did don’t worry because we've got you covered.  Just hit the play button below, sit back and enjoy!  Why not sip on the a cold glass of white sangria while you’re listening?

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