Monday, April 29, 2013

Epic Play Date by Hyundai

What a treat of a day to participate in Hyundai’s Epic Play Date this past Saturday on Dos Pubelos Ranch.  The weather was perfect and even though I had two of the oldest play daters (11 and 13) we all had a blast. 

As with any play date the food is key and the great people of Federated Media and Hyundai fed us well.  Breakfast, snacks, BBQ Lunch and anything that ends with Red Velvet ice cream with sprinkles is monumental in my book.

But the epicness didn’t stop there.  Building and shooting paper rockets in the air had to be one of the most challenging and fun parts of the day.  I of course in all of my single momminess didn’t want to admit that I knew absolutely NOTHING about building a rocket so I took cue from my male peers and together we built the HUNT 2.0.  Thanks for the help guys!  Wait don’t think I left the kids out.  They were on photo detail and happy to not have to figure out the rocket ship.  I did let them take over when it was time for blast off however because hey I couldn’t have all the fun.  That’s when the 13 year old realized that it was pretty cool being on a play date with his mom and baby sis. 

Shooting up space rockets came in handy when we had to play a game of Epic Volleyball.  You say you’ve never played before?  Well just go get the biggest beach ball you’ve ever seen and a beach towel and hoist it over a Vball net to your opponent.  Sounds challenging right?  Well luckily my new Instagram pal @hismrshermr sent in her daughter and hubby to match my daughter and I.  We fared well but in the end I had to sit out and let one of the err campers play with Talia.  #EpicFail.  Trust me it’s harder than it sounds people.

Not one to leave out the 13 year old in our excitement we enrolled him as our model for the 1000 Things to do with Tin Foil challenge.  I had no idea tin foil had more uses than wrapping up leftovers that you’d never eat again.  We learned a lot!  Did you know you can turn yourself into a tin foil Viking with a little duct tape, streamer and tons of imagination?  Mighty Kyle was prepared for the battle of the whip cream beard and was the last to compete on his team ensuring the victory to win what else but a tin foil Viking trophy.  Check it out in the vid below.   #EpicScore!

Since we had a pretty long drive back we had to leave the play date a little early but not before retreating to the ever so FAB outdoor facilities.  Yep, not an outdoorsy girl and so I was really afraid that the bathrooms were going to be my biggest nightmare.  But nuhhuh…can you say GLAMPING? [insert dream sequence music here]  I was so amazed I made my son go in the men’s side to make sure it was just as nice.  He confirmed that it was.  #EpicRightOn!

What a great time but I don’t think I mentioned one of the coolest parts…..the Hyundai Santa Fe.  It’s a dream on wheels.  Posh interior with all the buttons you could ask for, sleek design, saves on gas mileage and priced right.   Jim the representative ROCKED!  He told us about all the bells and
whistles and gave us a demo of all the extra trunk space and leg room.  A plus for the 13 year old that travels in the back seat as we go all across California for basketball tournaments.  #JustPlainOleEpic

Thanks for inviting us for a play date, it’s been a while but it’s like riding a bike or shall I say driving a Santa Fe by Hyundai. 

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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