Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dirty Martini | Ain't Nothing Like a Good Ol' Dance-Off

Now who wants to dance against Shabba Do and Ozone???
Remember back in the mid 80's when life was simple and kids solved their issues with nothing other than a good old dance-off?  Ahh those were the days.....

Nine-year-old Quevenzhane Wallis, the breakout star of the hit movie "Beasts of the Southern Wild," can add another title to her already impressive champion. Yes, you heard me correctly, I said in addition to being an good actress she also packs a move on the dance floor.

Okay girls don't hurt 'em!
At the MTV Movie Awards Party, Quvenzhane battled 8-year-old Rachael Meiselas (the daughter of entertainment lawyer Kenny Meiselas and publicist Beth Katz Meiselas).  Quavenzhane scored first with a nice spin and the infamous breakin chest pump and wait, the girls tied when Rachael shut it down by doing the splits.

All in all the girls looked like they had a good time and the guests at the party enjoyed the show.  If we're being fair, both girls did an amazing job so I'm going to call this a tie!


  1. Not a tie in my opinion. Q got dealt with, plain and simple. LOL! But, in all fairness, it's refreshing to see a kid being a kid when it comes to dancing. Nothing fancy, just kid stuff. Because, if I see one more 8 year old twerking, then I'm going to lose it.

  2. I know it's so good to see being kids and dancing like little kids.


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