Thursday, August 23, 2012

What's in your lunchbox?

Well it's back to school time and as a mom of a baby girl that loves taking her lunch I get bored sending the same old sandwich day after day.  But after peeping out for some healthy food choices I lucked up Project LunchBox:

Moms you've got to check this out if you want your kids to say you are the Super Mom with the Foodie Cape!  She even offers a free PDF to print and have available (say that with some ZING) to help make 30 days of lunch ho-hum in to BA DA BLING!  Another fan favorite of mine is that she promotes our gals from PackIt - with their fresh (in more ways then one) take on school lunches you won't go wrong with this power combo to healthy lunches.  Well bye ya'll I'm headed to pick up my Project Lunch Box items...Ciao

With Style,


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