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Getting old for sure has not been fun but I tell you in the past few years I've experienced some strange stuff.  One in particular is something I like to call Late Stage Claustrophobia.  How do you develop this in your late 30s?  The most interesting is how I realized that I was claustrophobic.

While visiting the last season of the Oprah show, one of my besties and I were headed back to the airport with one additional person in a Chi-Town cab.  Riding along in the back of the cab I began to fill a little uneasy.  We hit MAJOR traffic on the freeway and BAM I felt like my insides were about to burst out of my chest.  I rolled the window down like a dog and stuck my head out of the window just to ensure I didn't vomit all over the back of the cab.  Eventually I had to tell the cabbie to pull over so I could get in the front -- yes pull over on the freeway!  What an experience.

Since then I've noticed this same feeling anytime I sit in the back of a car which is something I no longer can do, and just recently I was on a bus full of people sitting 1/2 way in and had to close my eyes until I got to my destination (luckily it was only a 10 minute ride).  I mean is this the strangest thing or what?  I'm wondering where on earth did it come from. 

So I did a little research but still didn't find many answers.  Apparently you can develop claustrophobia at any stage in life but when you are older (ahem) it appears that it comes from a fear of being stuck in a confined space ie. an elevator or plane.  Whelp...don't remember this happening to me so no answer there.  I also found out that this could be cured (hmmm) with hypnotherapy.  I mean I wasn't expecting that I could take some magic pill and it would go away but I don't know about "hocus pocus" performances either.  I'm going to have to give this some thought.

I've got to get through this though, I'm a thrill seeker and if you've ever been on a roller coaster you know it's not the most openly free space, especially when that over head bar comes down.  YIKES my chest is getting tight typing this.  So if anyone knows of what I speak or feels my pain drop me a comment in that box right there you see it?  Good.  Because it can't be fashionable to be Claustrophobic. 

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