Tuesday, August 14, 2012

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While many are going natural, including my PIC (Partner in Crime) I decided to do the opposite and attempt an at home Keratin treatment.  Hold on to your curly coils SistaFriends because I'm going to say this outloud, "I Loved It". 

Now when I was a kid my dear old mom and dad slapped a perm up in my head as a little girl because they simply didn't now what to do with these curly locks.  So I'm no stranger to the chemical process although many shutter when I tell them I use to rock a kiddie kit.  Luckily it didn't mess up my natural curl pattern.  Anywhoo I haven't had that done since about 9 years old and I normally wear my hair between straight and naturally curly depending on my mood.  Since my workout schedule has increased the constant washing, blow drying and flat ironing have done damage to my hair.  So when I was offered to test drive and review Smooth N' Shine At Home Keratin Power Semi-Permanent Hair Tamer for www.bzzagent.com I went with it.  Here are my pros and cons:

iLove list

1.  Ease of application
2.  Short processing time
3.  My hair looks like AMAZIN after a blow dry - no flat iron necessary (see pic below)
4.  I could still go curly ie. natural
5.  No fluffiness after working out (megaWATT bonus points)
6.  Shrinkage BE GONE, it looked like my hair grew 5 inches

iHate list

1.  Horrible smell that drove my son to close the door to his room and then go outside.
2.  Last for about a month or 3 to 5 hair washes.  I could have washed hair less but I'm so use to twice a week that it just felt normal.
3.  Seems a little harsh on the ends of my hair.
4.  I heard that repeat use of keratin products of a long period of time could effect your memory.  NOW THAT'S SOME SCARY STUFF!!!!

Over all I enjoyed my Keratin experience but I don't plan to do it again any time soon.  I just added some color and that's probably all the chemically inducement my hair can handle.  Bald wouldn't look cute on me AT all!

Looks like a jail pic but this is just after a blow dry.

With Style,


*The writer of this review was not compensated but was provided with a sample kit of the Smooth N' Shine Keratin Semi Permanent Hair Tamer kit as part of a BzzAgent Campaign.  What a mouthful.

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