Monday, August 27, 2012

Celeb Stylist: iHaute or iNot

It's time again to play Celeb Stylist and rip, um well give some honest feedback on some of our favorite Famous Hollywood Folk.  So let's go......

Sporting LV brand but not this StyleDIVA's favorite from this edition of Celeb Stylist.  Love the yellow color but the fit is way to big on Thandie.  With her shape she should have a better fit in the waist.  She can look good in a paperbag but not this paperbag.  Voted:  iNot

Kayne made Kim get rid of 96% of her closet this week on KUWTK but he replaced it with this beauty and the StyleDIVA is glad she got it.  A bit strange fitting in the waist/azz area but this Plus Size Barbie definately understands that one.  Voted:  iHaute

Now JLO is always a Red Carpet fav and her clothing line is just EVERTHANG.  With this outfit however there are some pluses - beautiful front bottom and top drapes, color and fabric and some minues - sleeves, sleeves and sleeves.  This really throws off the entire outfit for me.  Voted:  iNot

Tell us if I hit the mark or if you think I'm way off base - trust me you won't hurt my feelings.  Give us your iHaute or iNot comments below.  Yep right there at the bottom, can't wait to hear back from you.

With Style,


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