Friday, August 17, 2012

I'm Sizzlin and I'm Single so....

Hey all it's your StyleDIVA sharing her most recent experience being picked by the Bakersfield Magazine as a 2012 Sizzlin Single.  Here's my photo and interview --- could my Prince Charming be next????

Robin Hunt  41 - Supervisor, Volunteer Services
Who’s been the biggest influence in your life? There are really too many to name. From family and friends to Oprah I take it all in and let the chips fall where they may.
One word to describe you: Spectacular.
Favorite local place to take a date: I’m new here so I haven’t had a “local” date yet but strolling around at the Farmer’s Market might be cool.
Book currently on your nightstand: On my iPad, on my nightstand, 50 Shades of Grey and Single Girl Summer.
Best vacation you ever took: Aruba. It is Mag-Freaking-Nificent.
If you could be a character from any movie, who would you be? Carrie from Sex And The City – I’m a bit of a shoe-a-holic and hopeless romantic.
Favorite holiday: Without a doubt Christmas…is there any other Holiday that’s as magical? *Cue hopeless romantic music*
In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, what is your weapon of choice? Water Gun, don’t they melt when you shoot them with water? Or is that fire? I’d better do some research.
If you could live during any other time in history, when would it be? I think I’ll stay right here. It’s pretty cool trying to change the world in hopes of a better tomorrow.
What did you want to be when you were growing up? A sports reporter or philanthropist. If I ever hit the Mega Millions that second choice still might pan out.
Most romantic date you’ve ever been on: The spa, yes sounds a little self-serving but a private cabana with my date was the best way to end the visit.
Guilty pleasure: Reality TV with a slice of vanilla cake from Vons.
Favorite app on your phone: InstaGram – This thing rocks!
If we gave you $100 for a date, how would you spend it locally? Helicopter ride over Malibu – Groupon has some great deals!
Saturday morning ritual: 4:30 a.m. alarm goes off to Co-Host Cocktails and Conversation radio show, take a post-show nap, listen to the show, get ready to drive my basketball phenom to some basketball camp/game/tournament, plan one of my daughters’ business ventures. And that’s all before noon! I might possibly throw in an exercise class every now and again.
The best birthday present you’ve ever received: Atari—by far. Sorry, I’m a Gaming Mom!
The most you’ve ever spent on a date: Hmm, I tend not to be the one spending on the date but I’m always up for trying something new.
Clowns: cool or scary? Scary, but I do have a cool clown story.
Favorite local event: Local events? Okay, I really need a date because I haven’t heard about any local events!
Best happy hour in town: Famous Dave’s – you can’t beat the drink specials. I’m a Margarita kinda girl. Besides, it is family oriented and the kids can sit “near” the bar.
Favorite website: Why? Because it’s mine.
Success, to you, is measured how? Happyness (yes with a Y). Simply put, if you are happy with life, what you do, and the people you have around you, you are quite successful.
What does “giving back” mean to you? Doing something without expecting to receive anything in return is the premise of giving but to Give Back means you consciously utilize your time to do the right thing for all the right reasons. Spoken like a true Volunteer Supervisor.

Thanks @bakersfieldmagazine for the opportunity!

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