Sunday, March 18, 2012

Reality Recap | VH1 New Show - Styled By June

I think VH1 has finally hit a home run with their new show Styled By June staring fashion stylist June Ambrose which airs on Monday nights at 9:30 pm EST on VH1.
June Ambrose is THE celebrity stylist to work with!  She has worked with anyone and everyone, from Puffy to Jay-Z and was also instrumental in re-branding the likes of Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige and Will Smith just to name a few.  (I wonder if she can help re-brand the Divas...)  June Ambrose like so many women today wears many hats, not only is she an amazing stylist, she is also a designer,  re-branding genius and loving mom to two cool kids Chance, 10 and Summer, 7.   Talk about wearing a superwoman cape...

In the first episode we watch June work with former OC starlet and former Hollywood "It Girl" Mischa Barton  who has been flying under the radar for a while and is now ready to revamp her image and get back on the scene.  When we first see Mischa on the show it is clear by her body language that she is a little nervous to get back out there and I can't blame her because we all know how "mean" the press has been to her in the past.  It takes June a minute to gain Mischa's trust but when she finally gives in and allows June to work her magic, as we used to say back in the was on and poppin! 

You can catch the first episode here.

The producers of the show promise that each episode won't all be about her styling someone, they also promise it show the business side of June running and building her brand and empire.  We will get to see June juggling her clients with her personal life as she tries to balance it all.

I am excited about this new show and I believe that VH1 may have a hit on their hands!  This is definitely one show that I will have my DVR programmed to record.

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