Wednesday, March 21, 2012

5 Questions with Olesha Haskett

This Saturday we have a treat for you.  Ever heard of Boudoir Photography?  Well our guest this week owns her own Oh! Boudoir Photography and has some of the most beautiful pictures of fierce women.  Once you see these pics you'll want to schedule a session.  Visit her website at and check out her work.  But for now get to know her a little better with these 5 Questions.

1.  When did you first pick up a camera and knew you wanted to be a photographer?

I don’t believe there was ever this one time when I thought… hmm I want to be a photographer. When I was younger I wanted to be a chemical engineer, an entertainment lawyer, or a chef. My dad was always taking pictures of the family. I get my love for black and white photography from him. So I was always around cameras but not until high school did I think about being a photographer. I was my class photo historian.

2.  Favorite Fashion Magazine.

I rarely read fashion magazines, I must admit. My favorite magazines are USA Today, Newsweek, Time and AARP.  Don’t laugh I love the articles in AARP for some reason. I have an app on my phone called Pulse. I love it because I have the first, three magazines at my finger tips.

3.  Favorite Swag Song

My favorite swag song would have to be Waka Waka (this time for Africa) by Shakira featuring Freshly Ground

4.  If you were a camera which one would you be AND why?

I would be the camera I use now, D700. I just love that I can control everything in the camera.

5.  Pick your poision....Paris in the Summer or Bahamas in the Spring, which would you pick for the ultimate Boudoir shoot?

I would pick the BAHAMAS! I love love love the Caribbean. The sea, the sand,  and especially the food.

Well catch you on Saturday where The Divas will have a drink waiting for you and lots more dish on Boudoir Photography.  Olesha promises you'll feel more confident just after listening and viewing her website, and she has a special client that will be on to share too.  Her key element to bringing out the BEST in each client is to show them there is beauty in flaws. 

8:00 AM - Cocktails and Conversation

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