Monday, March 19, 2012

#Hotness | Tide POD

I was really happy to receive my new Tide POD in the mail because my lil basketball Phenom definitely had some dirty, sweaty clothes that needed to be washed. I loved that I didn’t have to measure one thing, just drop in the POD, the clothes and turn on the washing machine and wait. This would have really been handy in my Landr-O-Mat days. After a FULL cycle in the washer I transferred the clothes to the dryer noticing that the entire POD had disappeared! Amazing. The dryer buzzed and I quickly opened the door to some superbly clean clothes. I didn’t notice the normal fresh scent of Tide on them however but that’s not an issue for my son’s clothes because as soon as they reach his room they smell like old gym socks all over again. Hmmm I wonder if they make a Tide POD plug in I could put in there? My #Hotness Review… loved the product but would like more smell factor for my clothes.


Keeping my eye out for ya

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