Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cocktail of the Day | Sorbert on the Rocks

Which of our favorite ROHA would love this drink?  We are thinking it's a Phaedra special with her being the ULTRA Southern Belle.  Because everybody knows.....  Just don't tell her mama she's serving them!  After that African Safari we are sure she could enjoy flamboyantly offering these to her BFF's while they dish about all the drama that happened and we're sure is yet to come.  Wait maybe these would be served better by the resident Housewife Hottie Andy Cohen during the Reunion show.  Either way the Belles will be certain to enjoy and so will you and yours.

For this drink you will need sorbet or ice cream glasses with a salt rim.  Add lime sorbet and pour your favorite brand of Tequila over top (about half way, as shown in the picture) and enjoy this pleasurable sweet and salty mix.

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