Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mission Organization | The Closet

Our resident stylist Fatima Tania has been working....double maybe even triple time getting her business to reach the pinnacle.  However we were able to get her to help us this week as we prep for our show this Saturday on organization. First stop, your closet.  Below you will find Fatima's formula for whipping your closet in shape for the New Year.

From the Blog of Perception & Co.

I would first like to say Happy New Year to all of my love muffins who are reading this. I hope that this year is better then the last and that you focus on all your goals and get them accomplished. I have been on a brief hiatus for several reasons: I was focusing on the creation, launch and building of Perception & Co. Boutique. I also am now back in college for another degree this time Fashion and Retail Management and the biggest reason is my move. I am from the Bronx for those who are not aware and my mom moved my self and my brother to Albany, NY 14 years ago. 2 weeks ago I officially moved back to NYC. I am both nervous and excited for the new move. I am still settling into my place and one of the BIGGEST hurdles I’m facing is going from 6 closets to 2.

As a stylist and personal shopper I have helped my customers revamp their image and closets and now those useful tools will come in handy for myself. What better time then the new year to get a new closet? I will share with you what you can do to get organized and make your closet a dream closet or at minimum not dreadful to open.

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Fatima Tania is a freelance Fashion Stylist and Image Consultant known for her dedication and attention to detail. With a love for fashion and an enthusiasm for art, Fashion Styling was her outlet for artistic expression. She has always possessed the innate ability to sense the newest trends before they hit the runway.

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