Saturday, December 29, 2012

Week in Review

Real Celeb Moment

Brandy and Ryan PressEverybody is getting engaged!  This one is really no surprise.  Brandy and her a little over two year or so boo Ryan Press have officially confirmed their engagement over the Christmas Holiday.  She has been quoted as saying, "If this isn't the one I'm never going to try this again."  Well we guess Ryan felt the same.  Congrats to the three of them because daughter Sy'Rai is also included in the mix, she'll be a Jr. Bridesmaid no doubt.

Reality TV Moment

This gets the, "This fool right chea" Award of the week!  Rapper (side-eye) Shawty Lo has a one-time one hour reality show scheduled to appear on Oxygen showcasing his not knowing how to wear a condom ways.  Shawty has 10 babies mamas and is expecting another baby soon.  The show that Oxygen should be hanging their head in shame for putting on TV, features the in-depth (no pun) life of how he and his babies mamas co-exist.  Hmmmm guess no one cares how the kids are going to be affected huh?  Our friends over at Black and Married with Kids had a few things to say about it as well and it sparked some great conversation, click here for that post:

StyleDIVA Moment

This weeks Curvy Trend of The Week is featuring another look by Chic and Curvy boutique in LA. The multi-colored BodyCon Dress is hip hugging fun and Plus Model Janna is really doing a body good by adding the suede blue platform heels.  The NYE outfit just got easier to find!

Cocktail Erika Moment

A cocktail lovers dream holiday is going to be here real soon!  Why not try something really entertaining this year?  This Diva is taking a tip from Martha and adding a cute Countdown Toast to her NYE soiree.  The great part about this idea is that you can include the kiddies in by putting a non-alcoholic drink in their glass.  Get some cute flute glasses and number them  1 - 10 (self-stick #s of course) representing the last ten seconds of the NYE countdown and have each person "Raise Their Glass" for the number as the ball drops on the screen.  The extra bonus - numbers can easily be removed and the glasses used for other events in the year. 

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