Sunday, December 30, 2012

5 Questions with Songstress Rajdulari

This Saturday Songstress Rajdulari will be in the studio with Erika and I for our first show of the series, New Year New You.  But before we tell you about this incredible woman get to know her a little better with these 5 Questions....
Which Sex In The City Character are you most like?  A mix between Miranda and Samantha. I'm sometimes a workaholic but then can throw caution to the wind and be a little carefree.
What's in your purse right now?  iPad Mini, Pomegranate Burt's Bees, iPhone, Cranberries for snacking and Kleenex
What was your favorite candy as a child? SugarDaddy
Where is your favorite vacation spot?  Punta Cana, Dominican Republic - so far!
What gives you the most satisfaction?  Finishing an album!  No better feeling in the world. :)
Listen in 1/5 8AM EST and get the scoop on Rajdulari's JourneytoBetterHealth AND JourneytotheGrammys. 
With Style,


  1. Raj is my girl! I'm so excited for her to talk to you Divas on your show!

    1. We love her! I'm so glad you'll be tuned in. You can call in too if you have a question for her. 661-449-9947, 8AM EST

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