Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Curly Hair, Don't Care

Curly Hair, Don't Care
I have always been a wash and wear kinda girl but within the past few years my natural curl became more of a wave.  Then that wave became a straight line so I wasn't able to really rock that just out of the shower look.  So I got a suggestion from a girlfriend to "co-wash" and use perm rods to create the curly look I love.

I had no idea what co-wash meant.  Actually when I first saw the word, okay natural girls you are about to laugh, I thought it meant having someone come over and wash your hair and she'll wash yours.  Yeah I know dumb right?  Well I didn't know 'cuse me!  But now that I'm hip to what the real deal of co-washing means I think I'm a little hooked.  So if you are clueless like I was co-washing is just another way of washing your hair without using a conventional shampoo.  You simply just wash with a co-wash formula and let sit for a minute then wash out and you are ready to do your styling!  I chose the co-wash brand pictured below but the beauty supply stores are full of them.  It almost made it hard to choose.  I decided on mine because it had such a wonderful smell.

The styling didn't stop there, remember the natural curl of mine has gone awry.  I used about 25 medium-sized perm rods (with end papers) to set my hair on.  I applied Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls all over my hair before rolling on the rods.  This stuff smells like fabric softner and it lasts for like days...YUMS!  If you like you can let your hair air dry but that is like a looonnngg process with my hair so I decided to get under a hood dryer for about an hour.  YES an hour!  After baking under the dryer I removed my rods....this is important - when you remove the rods take them out like you are spiraling outward.  It really makes a difference trust me.  Then viola I have the curly look I've been desiring for a while now.  Take note, I also found out the curls come out a little less frizzy if you do this process on dry hair but I'm trying to use as less heat on my hair as possible lately.  

IMAG0606-1 (1)
Have any other "natural" curl tips for me?  Leave them in the comments section below I'd love to try them.

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