Tuesday, December 4, 2012

StyleDIVA #Hotness Holiday Gift

Of course you are looking for THE gift of the season and whatelse is on their Christmas list besides the HOTTEST game of the year? Well you can pass this information around to all the other cool moms and tell them you got this tip from the StyleDIVA.  Take a look at the vid.

That's right Just Dance 4 is on sale TODAY through Amazon.com for only $22.99.  I have been bursting at my Red Carpet fashion seams to tell you guys!  All you have to do is click on this link http://clvr.li/SzFT7r and make your lil mini me's wishes come true. 

How many of you are Gaming Moms like me and can't wait for a good dance off with the kids?  Now you might not be able to do the Moves Like Jagger like me (sniggle) but that's the beauty of having this game at your 24/7 non stop disposal.  Put those kids to bed and jam yourself into the night.  With hits like Super Bass you'll be singing and laughing at your desk thinking about all your club moves you are going to bust on the kids when you get home and play.  They'll have no idea how you got so good.  Well unless you have a teen ager like me that secretly tries to text at 1 AM and hears you dropping it like it's HAUTE in the wee hours of the morn!  Oy teens!  But don't sweat it, they might have natural ability but let them know where they got it from Mama!  Apple don't fall far from the tree.  Show these babies who really got back!  I crack myself UP TeeHeeHee.

Alright go click on that link and check off one more WISH from your list!

With Style,



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