Tuesday, November 20, 2012

We couldn't be happier for Najaam Lee

All of you long time followers of the show should remember Erika and I going through a transformation last year with Vedic Image Groups' Najaam Lee. She helped us grow from the inside out and was a huge catalyst in Erika and I venturing outside of ourselves to be ADVENTEROUS this year. Well we are proud to share that Naajam has added an Ebook to her already growing collection of HITS! Released on 11/19 she has delivered a winning guide to helping one discover their body type. Discovering your FIT is the ULTIMATE E-Guide to specialized style techniques with Vedic Principles. According to Najaam, "Discovering your body type is the first step to a powerful image and healthy physique." Take it from the StyleDIVA her imagery and discovery process really made me look differently at the shining star inside and has helped me kick down doors within me to explore Living My Life Outloud or as Erika would say....Coloring outside the lines!

Get your copy today of Discovering your FIT for $19.95 and prepare for a 2013 that will rock your world. Books are being sold on Amazon.com and can be purchased by clicking on this link:

Discovering your FIT by Najaam Lee

Congratulations Najaam!

With Style,


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