Saturday, November 26, 2011

#Hotness | Body by BrownRoque

Imagine my surprise when I went for my weekly mailbox run and saw a big package JUST for me.  Earlier in the week I spoke with one of our Twitter followers, @BodyRoque about doing a product review and I surely told her yes.  I never expected to receive a full fledged kit of Peppermint Lavender Soap, Peppermint Lavender massage Oil AND Peppermint Lavender Bath Salts.  My goodness, as I walked home I was planning “Bath Night” thinking in my mind what Pandora station I was going to listen to behind my locked bathroom door.
Speed up the clock 3 hours, everyone is fed, homework done and favorite TV program on and it was time for me to make an escape…..queue  Pandora Earth, Wind and Fire station.

The first thing I remember was the smell of the Lavender from the bath salts, it was mentioned that it was good to use during flu season.  Well I didn’t have the flu (thank goodness) but my throat was a little scratchy and the Peppermint provided some soothing.  After splish splashing in my Peppermint Lavender dream bath I slowly got out and slathered on the massage oil that was a little sticky.  But after talking with the owner of @BodyRoque I got the remedy for that. Just heat it up a little in the micro and then slather it on – it worked!  Did I mention that the bottle was sealed, like a romantic gold seal that is reminiscent of ROYALTY – watch out Kate!  After I slipped on my PJs I joined the kids for TV time and my daughter touched my arm and noticed how soft my skin felt (1 cocktail glass) and how great I smelled (2 cocktail glasses) and the best rating was how good I slept that night (3 – 5 cocktails) I mean I slept so G8 that I had to literally rolled out of bed, I really needed that.

So this lovely trio of goodies is getting a 5 out of 5 Cocktail Glass rating!  Want to order one of these kits?  Visit their website to place an order and learn about the other fabulous products they have to offer.  You can also take a personal skin assessment to get to your desired scent or for someone on your Christmas list. 

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The writer of this review was not compensated financially but was graced with a true GRATIS of products in order to provide an accurate review on said products.   This review is based solely on my opinion and you should consult a skincare professional if you have questions about how this product will affect your skin. 

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