Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What girl doesn't like a little bling?

A friend of a friend had the cutest ZEBRA nails and I had to find out where she had them done. When I asked her she said she did them herself and that they were appliques from Sephora. So being the Style Diva that I am I had to go check it out. My purchase resulted in these.....

Man when I got there it was hard to make a decision on which ones to select. There was another major name nail polish retailer that offered some as well but I decided to go with the Sephora brand. So here are all the reasons I love them:
  1. Price is RIGHT - $7, the same as a polish change and less than a Mani.
  2. The color selection was really cool. They had about 7 different colors/patterns.
  3. Pretty easy to apply.
  4. I hate letting my nails dry – I’m working on it people!
On the down side….
  1. I was so quick to want to put them on...I didn't get them on as straight as possible - EPIC Fail on my part.
  2. The type I purchased get caught on loose threads but I'm sure the regular polished kind wouldn't cause this problem.

So as you can see these lil love bugs definitely get a high rating on my cocktail meter 5 out of 5! Drinkalicious!

Give them a try ladies, nothing like a little bit of sassiness to change up the wardrobe.

Style Diva

1 comment:

  1. I love this and now must visit Sephora!!! Thanks :-D

    Brittany Allen
    Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC


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