Tuesday, October 18, 2011

That dress has expired

Is there one thing in your closet that has reached its expiration date?  Well I was going through mine and found IT…that favorite thing that I had to have, bought it because it was on sale and have NEVA worn it.  Why?? Because one it never fit my voluptuous body type and two well I’ll get into two later.  So here’s the outfit….

Yeah, what do you think?  Well it’s only been in my closet for about two years right after I started going through my divorce process and was “hitting” the scene again.  But after it was bought (a girlfriend of mine actually bought it cuz did I mention I was going through a divorce) I just never seem to find the right place to wear it.  Or better yet I kept making excuses as too how I didn’t like how I “looked” in it. Ever do that ladies?  So in my closet it lived and then it actually traveled with me from coast to coast BUT I’m making the decision that someone else could probably benefit from it so I’m “Paying it Forward” and taking it to the Salvation Army dump truck in my neighborhood.
Now on to the second reason, it’s time to get organized.  Time to release the clutter so I can unclutter my mind!!  I sleep better when the clutter is at minimum.  My closet floor and sad to say the empty side of my bed was overloaded with clothes.  Clothes that needed to be hung, those that needed to go to the cleaners and the NEW pile, those I don’t need "anteemore" (as Madea would say).  So do you have any item this is just not “IN” for you anymore?  Chat about it, let us know if you are slimming down not only your body with our Diva Upgrade but slimming your closet too. 
With style,
Style Diva

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