Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tequila Talk Tuesday

Well I've finally finished Andy Cohen's book Most Talkative and it gets two snaps up in a circle from me.  Not only was it in depth about some of the Housewife of (insert your favorite franchise here) drama but gave lots of behind the scenes on the man himself!  From a little boy being raised in St. Louis we learn about his journey in journalism.  I really had no idea he had such an extensive journalism background.  Like that he really knows Mike Wallace or wait is that Dan Rather?  Whatever that's pretty major!  One of the funniest things is his infatuation with Susan Lucci - really no surprise but I'll have to say Andy it's a bit unhealthy honey.  She's like OLD and yeah just move on! 

Anywhoo if you're looking for an end of the summer beach read this is the one.  Price is great when you download it your iPad or favorite e-Reader or hold up....Barnes and Noble has it for $1.99 in hardcover.  Ouchhhh (said in my Andy Cohen voice).   

If you've read it let me know what you thought?  Was I the only one that took 3 months to read it?  I want to know.  Drop me a line below. 



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