Saturday, August 17, 2013

Good Life | Do you app?

Do you app?  Well here are some of the StyleDIVA's favorites.

1. Always have that feeling of undying gratitude?  I woke up this morning and am blessed!    This is the app for you.  Share your good feelings and they will come back to you.  I'm all about feeling that attitude of gratitude!  This app is only Apple based as of now.


2.  Get all of your blogs all in one spot.  If you are into the blogosphere you will LOVE this one!

3.  Can't sleep, need to do something a little mindless while waiting on your pedicure to dry?  This is the app for you.  Get your Sugar Crush with Candy Crush Saga.  It's a great game to link up and get help from your Facebook friends too but beware everyone doesn't like getting request.  :)

Cover art
4.  Hotel Tonight is the app for the last minute traveler.  Believe it or not hotels don't sell out every night and they really want to have a full house.  Use this app when you are headed to Grandma's and you don't want to stay with her on that beat up sofa.  Check the app for great prices at great places to stay.


5.  Zumba Dance is the workout at home that you'll give two snaps in a circle.  Download this app and get your Salsa on.  Great way to try out Zumba before hitting a class full of Zumba Heads that make you look like you have two left feet.  Get yo Zumba on girl!

Leave me a comment and let me know how you like the apps I suggested and give me a suggestion on some that you like too!  



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