Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dirty Martini Week in Review

Celeb 411

Caption this photo!

This pic was captured after Tiny, TI and Toccara had sinner opps we mean dinner at Madeo in Cali.  As The YBF suggests we've all heard those "rumors" about the titillating things that goes on with the female friends Mr. & Mrs. TIP like to keep.  What do you think?

Reality Recap
My new guilty pleasure as far as reality TV goes is the Style Network's newest show, Big Rich Atlanta.  And in true reality TV fashion, this new show isn't skimping in the drama department.  On this week's show we see that the drama continues between Ashlee Wilson-Hawn (former Miss Teen Georgia) and Kahdijiha Rowe (daughter of Q Parker from the R&B group 112) and all I can say is that Ashlee is one to watch because she is a little shit starter.   Not only is she causing friction between sisters Harvin and Meyer (Meyer is also not a fan of Ashlee's) on this episode  we see that she has clearly crossed the line and declared all-out war on Kahdijiha.  This past Wednesday it was clear to me that Ashlee clearly bit off more than she could chew and crossed the line when she referred to Kahdijiha as a "fat black girl".  Which couldn't be farther from the truth.  I have see her in person and she is a tiny little thing .  The altercation all happened during Ashlee's 28th birthday party where we see all of the ladies there, drinking, laughing and having what appears to be a good time.  However as soon as Ashlee arrives and the mood changes.  The ladies get a little bored at the event and make their way over to a cupcake display and start taking some of the table décor and placing it on the cupcakes.  Ashlee seeing this walks over and makes a rude comment to Kahdijiha and starts poking her while referring to her as fat.  That is when all hell broke loose and we see drinks flying, weave snatching and lots and lots of commotion.  At the end of the episode we see Ashlee on the phone calling 911 for an ambulance and stating that she is going to call the police because she has been assaulted.  Ummmm no Ashlee boo-boo that is what I call a good old fashion but whoopin.  

Next week's teaser shows the ambulance at the party and Ashlee being asked if she wants to press charges.  So we’ll just have to wait to see what happens

StyleDIVA Adventures

Well the StyleDIVA didn't have many adventures this week but I've been checking out the haps at NYFW (New York Fashion Week).  Looky looky what I found out about one of our FAB fashion guru's new shoe line.  June Ambrose is in the shoe game with her own line priced from $59 - $120.  Oh my I'm loving her even more for that.  I can't wait to slide these size 10s in that black heel on the top row!  The line is going to be featured on HSN and is a mix of textures and prints.

Cocktail Erika’s Cocktail of the Week

Sorbet and Champagne Cocktail

1 teaspoon sorbet (try raspberry or passion fruit)
Chilled Champagne or Prosecco

Mixing Instructions

Scoop the sorbet into your champagne flute and then fill with your favorite Champagne or Prosecco and stir.  Garnish your cocktail with a fresh raspberry.


Did You Catch Our Show????
Today we had a great conversation with Jodie Patterson, the visionary behind the popular YouTube video GIRL CRUSH and owner of Georgia by Jodie Patterson.  We chatted about beauty, business, motherhood and stepping outside of your comfort zone.  This is definitely one woman who inspires us to be better and challenges us to be brave and step out of our comfort zone.   If you missed the show, don't worry because you know we've got you covered.  To listen to today's show, click the play button below.

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