Friday, February 8, 2013

Curvy Trend of the Week - FatToo

It was a blessing when Melissa from @ChicandCurvy told me about a private group on Facebook called FatToo.  You see when a girl has a Red Carpet look it really is hard to wear it again.  It sounds vain but really it's not.  Just think of all the times you've seen one of your FAVs on the Red Carpet and then she busts out on the cover of Us Magazine with the same outfit on.  Exactly!  Don't play.

So what is Fattoo you ask?  It's one of the greatest things going as far as Facebook private groups go.  The creator Cat Oake started the site so that plus size gals can resell items from their closet to each other at discounted prices.  Example, that shirt you got from Old Navy that fits snug but you lost the receipt and can't take it back....sell it on FatToo and make a little of that cash back.  Sound amazing?  Yes it really is.  The one caveat I would warn anyone about is the shipping cost.   Make sure to get the exact location of someone before committing to the price of shipping.  I got caught having to send to Canada and had no idea how much that (excuse me) ish was gonna cost.  None the less I've made the money back in some other deals I've done.  Also this is a PLUS size sight, no selling under 18 on here although I've heard that site exist I just haven't been able to find it....YET!  Also no accessories, but there is a FatToo Accessora page as well.  Lastly you have to be invited to this group in order to get in.  If you're interested drop me a comment below and I'll see about getting you an invite cuz I got it like that.  Tee Hee Hee.

Oh, you might want to check out Poshmark too.  I sold a divalicious pair of shoes the other day on there as well as a dress.  So yes ladies these sites really do work.  Poshmark is an app you can download onto your phone or iPad.

I said Good Bye to this dress and hello to $35 big ones!

Do you know of any good sites we can share with each other?  Sharing is caring so drop us a comment below so we can get it to our community!

With Style,



  1. Thanks for the shout out for FatToo, StyleDiva! I appreciate it!

  2. FatToo can be found here:

    For plus sizes under 18, there's a sister group to FatToo called For Fat's Sake:

    Happy selling, and shopping!


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