Saturday, June 11, 2011

TLC Extreme Couponing Diva - Sister Save-A-Lot

Today we Sister Save-A-Lot (Antoinette Pearson) called in to teach the Divas how to save at the grocery store by clipping coupons.  You may have seen Antoinette on the TLC hit show Extreme Couponing. 

Antoinette works for a large nonprofit agency in Chicago and is the proud mother of a 4 year old.  As a working mother, Antoinette is also passionate on living on less and is committed to helping others (like the Divas) do the same.  We had an opportunity to sit with Sister Save-A-Lot as she shared with us her secrets for saving at the grocery store checkout.

 Here are a few of the tips she shared with us today:
  1. Know your store's coupon policy before taking your shopping trip.  You can check out the store's website or visit their customer service area.  
  2. Collect your coupons.  You can get them from your Saturday/Sunday paper, websites (i.e. or from coupon clipping websites.
  3. Create a system for organizing your coupons - binder or file cabinet or file box.
  4. Build your stock pile by buying items that are on sale and that you have a coupon for.  If laundry detergent is on sale now and you have a coupon for it, then get it now.  Even if you don't need it now.  Rest easy in knowing that you WILL need it at some point and just think, you got it on the cheap.
  5. Always have your sales paper and coupons available and organized (you'll) thank Sister Save-A-Lot for this one when it comes time to make your grocery list and shopping.
  6. Check out the coupon databases like to see if there are coupons for items that you would like to buy.
For more information on couponing like a pro, check out Sister Save-A-Lot at, "Like" her on Facebook at Sister Save-A-Lot or follow her on Twitter @SisterSaveALot.  

If you missed the show, don't worry you can check it out here:

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Thanks Sister Save-A-Lot for all of the great couponing tips!  We can't wait to put them to practice!

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