Sunday, April 3, 2011

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What a spectacular show yesterday. Our special guest Abbey from Living My MoMent was very informative and she even kept us on our toes during the Reality Recap. Remember you only have until tomorrow at 11:59 pm EST to register to win a one on one consultation with her on goal setting for your business. I’m sure all our mom entrepreneurs could use this boost to get them going. So how do you win? LIKE our Facebook page (if you haven’t done so already) and check out the contest rules, You can also follow @favorevtmgt or @atleventdiva on Twitter and comment on the contest to get more information too. We are looking for you on our social network.

Thanks again to Scentsational Soaps for the amazing giveaway to two of our Facebook Fans. Juan Woods and Crystal Hickerson congrats on being this week’s winners!


A much needed massage was how I spent my Sunday morning. Here’s a tip for those that love the art of massage as much as I do. Check out one of your local massage therapy schools. If you are in the Detroit area, try Irene’s Myomassology Institute in Southfield. The price is generally a lot less than visiting a professional and the students are in their last few months of class so they are AWESOME! This Style Diva has decided to indulge in this yummy treat once a month, I’m worth it – aren’t we all?

Well this week I’ve started a new project, VolunteerSwag. I’m not sure if you all remember my tagline a few weeks ago, “Kindness is ALWAYS Fashionable”. Well it got me to thinking about exploring the concept of volunteering, especially with youth, because it really motivates me. The concept is still being developed but for now you can follow @VOLUNTEERSWAG on Twitter to learn more. This is going to be very special hope you’ll join us.

Rent the Runway
Looking for a little special something to wear to a special night out or soiree? Why pay $400 or more on that little black dress when you can rent it for a fraction of the cost. Give a try. They have a huge variety of dresses (pages and pages) from lots of haute designers BUT they only go up to a size 12.

The one nice thing besides the price tag is that you can ship back for FREE and if the size you receive doesn’t exactly fit you can get the next size shipped to you for FREE. I would love to hear your feedback on this site so please email me at

Rice Krispies Dipping Stations (found on EllyB's blogsite)
How cute is this? Take those regular rice krispy treats and turn them into a party pleaser. All you need are some tasty RK Treats (recipe can be found online at the Kellogs website), your favorite toppings and then serve. If you are having a shindig remember your guests can participate in dipping their own treats. What special kind of toppings can you come up with? Share with us what you try.



DBox Movie Experience

While experiencing Diary of A Wimpy Kid at the theater this weekend the me juniors and I saw the latest in uber theater style. The DBox Movie seats are the most incredible movie watching experience you can have, for an extra $8 per ticket that is.
These seats move, shift to the right/left, have supersonic sound and are as comfortable as your sofa at home. I did my best camera phone paparazzi to capture the amazement on the kids’ faces as they had the “experience”. Follow me on Twitter to see the pictures @favorevtmgt. Style Diva only reporting the best to you. You can also follow the DBox on Facebook and tell them about your first experience.

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  1. OMG! I have to do the rice krispie treats idea formy daughter's party. Thanks for the great idea.


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