Tuesday, March 8, 2011

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What a great first show we had on Saturday! Introducing our new co-host and starting back up for the 2011 season really got things going and the hour long show went by very quickly. So let's see… I am supposed to post on my experience with FASHISM. Well I did have a nice long retail therapy session this weekend but haven't quite made it (or gotten my nerve up) to post the picture, although it is from the neck down. My goal is to have it posted by tomorrow so a follow up to this blog will come next week. Watch out for all the comments I'm sure to receive. Remember if you'd like to try this new concept out for yourself visit www.fashism.com and open up an account for F-R-E-E.

HAPS FOR THE WEEK section two

Me and Jos Styling!
One of my besties and I attended the People Magazine's StyleWatch Celebrity Stylist event at the Novi Mall in Michigan. This event is sponsored by Starbucks and Vince Camuto and he has the most divalicious shoes out this season. Girls please check your local malls' website to see if this event is coming to a venue near you. What fun… style consultation, makeup application by Clinque and a swanky SWAG BAG (My fav) are all part of the deal and again, F-R-E-E. You just have to sign up for an appointment and noc noc (that's my tongue making its' best Nene Leakes imitation) you can be transformed. See our pix  to the left.

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# HOTNESS section three

Style Diva's Top 5 Twitter follows:
· Kevin Hart (funny all day)
· Dream Hampton (HS friend and always up on what is politically correct in Hip Hop and more)
· Kimora Lee Simmons (need I really say more, I actually follow the entire Simmons Dynasty)
· The Daily Love (inspiration in a tweet, who could ask for anything more?)
· Roy Williams (NFL player and he actually responds to most Tweets)

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